Tokenizing Online Fantasy Cricket

Experience the future of fantasy gaming with us. join cricket fans from around the world. At CrickDAO, you can socialize, play, earn and a lot more.

Fantasy Cricket

CrickDAO is merging the functionalities of web 2 and web 3 to give the best user experience to the end-user.

Immersive world

CrickDAO’s Vision is to create a unique position for cricket in the Metaverse.


By having access to 10K Club NFT you gain the power to be a member of the board that makes the final call on the future of CrickDAO.

visual elements

CrickDAO’s in-game marketplace gives players access to digital resources and collectibles that are valued outside the CrickDAO ecosystem as well.

CrickDAO is focused on building a global community of cricket fans and a forum for them to get together.

Play and Earn

CrickDAO is a first-of-its-kind fantasy cricket platform on the Metaverse. The prospect of earning is unlike anything other platforms have offered in the fantasy sports space.

CrickDAO NFT's​

NFTs are at the core of the CrickDao ecosystem. Users can buy, mint, trade, earn, or simply keep NFTs as collectibles. NFTs empower every user and give them a real stake in their efforts and contributions.

CrickDAO is not here to be yet another fantasy cricket platform. 

CrickDAO’s vision is to be a go-to market for all cricket fans, and fantasy cricket is the point of entry.




  • Motivation
  • Concept Writing
  • Team Building



  • Smart Contract Writing
  • Litepaper Reveal
  • Initial Audit Report



  • Fair Launch $CRIC
  • Airdrop Campaign
  • DEX Listing 
  • CRIC Staking



  • NFT Drop
  • Marketplace Release 
  • CrickDAO Host 



  • Beta App 
  • In-App Liquidity
  • Reward Program 



  • DAO Release
  • Immersive World
  • On-Ground Sponsorship

Frequently Asked Question

In fantasy cricket, you make your own team from real players playing in real tournaments in different parts of the world. Depending on the performance of the players in your created fantasy team, you either win or lose the amount you had staked. The better the performance of your players, the higher the chances of winning.

$CRIC is a cryptographically secure fungible Utility token on the Binance chain. In terms of functionality, it works like any other cryptocurrency. Users can buy, sell, and trade $CRIC tokens.
Contract: 0x84B05dFbE9c8104E9433f0c5E0D4Fa873C98690d

The operational and governance model of CrickDAO is decentralized. No single person or entity makes the final call about anything related to CrickDAO. The community itself makes decisions and implements rules. It also follows the play-to-earn (P2E) model where players can earn money for their contributions to the platform.

A warm welcome to CrickDAO, where you can experience the best of both worlds — fantasy and cricket. To promote the game, we present to you an opportunity to be a part of many interesting and engaging worldwide cricket events. With just a few days left to go live